About Us


Did you ever walk into a shop and see something you want to have at any cost ?

That just by having it on, it makes you feel beautiful and alive…. It makes you shine?

That by seeing it you feel : that’s it , I want this, I want to have it on, to carry around with me

this is the space i love to see when a person comes into my shop and finds that resonance from within. Her smile contains everything: time is gone, mind is gone, pure happiness and radiance  are all there is.”

This is the same emotion I feel when looking at the harness of a weaving loom I  see  a first woven segment of shawl  appearing line after line with beautiful interwoven colors…. And those colors resonate with something inside of me and I say : yes, that’s it….

This space is AKAL, which in Sanskrit means pure presence of now, timeless, beyond time

"Akal StylewavesPvt. Ltd. " is a registered company based in Goa , managed by  Maria Sola, an Italian  Designer living in India since almost thirty years. Although we are naturally recreating a timeless sense of harmony and beauty, we are passionately tuning into new waves of tendencies of styles and shades.

Our strength is an alive and heartfulrelation with the manufacturing loom, a continuous presence on the site to be able to follow up production at all stages and thereadiness to harmonize a western mind-set with the eastern life approach.

We are keeping a well assorted selection of our last designs as well as our bestselling shawls to be able to meet the needs of big and small wholesale customers. We are exporting regularly to Denmark, Sweden, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

You can visit our showroom in Goa.  We will be very happy to assist you in our home. From November till April we are also exhibiting our products in the different Night Markets in Goa.